Growing up shooting skate photos with friends in America’s Finest City/suburbs was how we did the wild. Suiting up to hit the surf when a big swell came through was more of that wild we sought. But now a bit older going out beyond the beaten trial and into nature is my new wild. Whatever is just over the next ridge I want to see it. Be it the vast landscape, majestic creatures, or even badass jets in the wild. I want to be out there silently observing, listening, learning. With my state of the art mirrorless memory box in hand I capture what is before me to share with the world to see. Thank you for taking the time to peep my work.

P.S. After reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead where it states that departed souls travel the bardo realms roughly forty-nine days before reincarnating I looked it up and learned that it was about the same timeframe before my birth that our ol’ friend Ansel Adams passed. Come on man, it’s just a playful thought.

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Spring 2019 Final Project for Religious Studies Course: CA Religions & Spirituality
Fall 2016 Final Project for Religious Studies Course: A Brief History of Evil