Born and raised in San Diego I have come to realize just how special Southern California is. Growing up in America’s Finest City throughout the 90’s meant I was immersed in the early ‘X-Games’ type lifestyle before it hit the rest of the world. My Great G-Ma (Charlotte Majors, 1915-2004) purchased my first 35mm camera for a high school photography class and I immediately began shooting friends skateboarding. More recently I have greatly enjoyed observing local wildlife such as various raptors, the alluring California coyote, or majestic mule deer. I look forward to encountering my first mountain lion in the wild preferably from a comfortable distance. When the time is right I plan on hitting the road for however long life grants. I would love to explore the greater Pacific Coast and various other regions throughout the Midwest to garner a greater understanding of the land and wildlife around me. From its vast number of geographic landscapes to its rich history of diverse cultures Southern California has certainly shaped every aspect of my life and I look forward to ever broadening that experiential horizon with my camera in hand. 

P.S. After reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead where it states that departed souls travel the bardo realms roughly forty-nine days before reincarnating I looked it up and learned that it was about the same timeframe before my birth that our ol’ friend Ansel Adams passed. Come on man, it’s just a playful thought.



Spring 2019 Final Project for Religious Studies Course: CA Religions & Spirituality
Fall 2016 Final Project for Religious Studies Course: A Brief History of Evil